Advice on this calf/ cow?

How much would a fuzzy black baby calf next to a little white on his frontage cost to buy? and how much would it cost to keep him or her (unborn) compared to a paint horse? This would be my first cow and I don't want to see him stir off to slaughter. (he lives where on earth I board my horses).
Answers: We got ours 1yr ago. She be $500. But we got a promise. Plus the cost of feed and show "stuff". We show our cow at fair. If you plan on working with this cow, you can kind alot of $ showing it, and it's alot of fun. It does cost though. It's a great experience and future. Plus the cow will love it.
I'm not sure more or less cost but cows are not pets they are live stock and end up person used for breeding or slaughter

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