About Ferrets?

Me and my boyfriend have be discussing getting a ferret. I have be reading about them online and such and they come across like really appropriate pets. However, I still would like to know opinion from ferret owners. Do they make biddable pets? How much to they cost? What should I look for as far as purchasing, health, ect. Also we hold two siberian huskies. Are they usually good near other pets or dogs? Any personal info on them would be great. I want to make sure we will know how to provide for there desires and make sure that we really want one since adopting one and regretting it latter. Thanks for any help you can provide.
Answers: I own two ferrets. I can inform you that ferrets gain along great with other animals, but they probably will not attain along with huskies- we have one and while he never intentionally killed a pet he get a hold of, he would carry it around within his mouth or jump on it to play (and break it's back). If your dogs savour little fluffy toys that move around a lot, they can not acquire turned out together.

Cats and ferrets are usually fine, dogs are a hit or miss.

I love my two ferrets- I don't mind the smell at adjectives, and find cat litterbox odor to be 100times worse.
Ferrets are around $100 each to buy, but you can adopt them for closely cheaper. I have one from a store and one from a shelter.

Cages: the best enclose on the market is a ferret nation hold (see ferret.com). They need litter (carefresh absorb the odor well, $17 purse lasts a month or so) and food (maybe 8 lbs/ferret/month). I nurture a mix of Zupreem and other ferret foods. Cost varies, but expect roughly $14 per ferret a month for food.

They need to be out of the enclose for 3-4 hrs a day minimum for a tough, happy ferret. Some require smaller quantity, some require more. Pet stores say solely a hour is needed, but that is method too little for most ferrets. If they do not attain this interactive time, they are more liable to become aggressive and bite. If you can not play with your ferret (on the floor pouncing next to him) for at least an hour of that time a sunshine, get him a friend to keep hold of him occupied).
Ferrets can not be left alone unsupervised- they can carry into anything. You also can not have any holes that they can crawl into- dryer tubes, 1.5 inch cracks surrounded by the wall, etc.

Pretty much all ferret are inbred from Marshalls. Average life is roughly 6-7 yrs, though they can live upto 14 yrs if they do not get cancer or renal disease. Males, within my experience, tend to live longer than females and are generally nicer and more cuddley. They are also bigger and may not look resembling a toy to your dogs.

Vaccinations- distemper yearly and rabies, if you want. Rabies is more of a precaution for if they bite someone, they are never outside unsupervised so can't contract it. I do not provide rabies shots because mine are not meeting seriously of new empire.

Toys: they all close to different things. Most like tubes, one of mine lone like boxes, and the other solitary likes plushy toys beside bells in them. My friend's ferret both love cat toys on a string, but mine have no interest whatsoever.

If you own any other questions, touch free to message me.
I have owned 3 ferretts. I muse they are good pets. I own gotten Marshall ferretts from a petstore. They are guarenteed not to bite and to be healthy. You enjoy to be careful buying them because they be origionally domesticated for hunting and they can give you a pretty mean bite if you get one that hasn't be handled since it be little. They also do have an odor however most hold their scent glands removed but there are a few they can't so they will still hold a slight odor. As far as the dogs I think they may be more startled of the ferrets. They drop and bounce around and are very cute to keep under surveillance! You just own to watch and net sure the dogs don't try to play too rough. I let mine out within a room about once a daytime so they can run around and get exercise. I would probably seize two unless you're going to have a great deal of time to spend with them. Mine approaching to curl up and sleep together and also play with eachother while they are out. As far as keeping a descent size cage. You don't call for anything too big but enough that they enjoy a few floors. Also give them several bed. I just took a box and put a speck of fleee in it and get them a little limp sleeping bag item that they really like. Their hold does need cleaned every few days but they usually pick a corner and use it so it's not too desperate. I think that's most of the central things. There are shots that are given to some ferrets. Since mine are other inside I haven't given them to them.

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