Adopting a rabbit online?

Is there any website I could jump to buy a rabbit under 50 dollars? (not including shipping) and can they ship it? Im looking for any one of those really small midget rabbits that dont grow very big, or those ones that grow HUGE next to floppy ears...I had one of though. He only recently died few months ago :'(
He be litter box train (I have no model he was litter box trained when I get him I bought him as an adult)
So..yah if they could ship adult rabbits that are litter box trained any color rabbit I dont diligence.
By the way here is a pic of my matured rabbit just incase yall dont know what Im discussion about when I enunciate "HUGE" rabbits.. (sister in pic not me)

It is cool
Go to a shelter or rescue.

You will call for home-checked to prove you can provide for the rabbit.

Rabbit's don't do well person "shipped" as they are very sensitive creatures.

Any rabbit can be litter trained as long as it is neuter.

BTW That "huge" rabbit is a specific breed; something like a giant, or a continental.
I own bought and shipped rabbits long distances before, for specific reason. Usually they were from another breeder and I really like the animal, or needed certain traits they carried.

I can't consider shipping ONE rabbit as a pet that far without seminar them. What happens if it get there and you don't procure along?

I really recommend you either check near local breeders or local rescues/shelters to find what you need. It will be much easier and smaller number stressful than shipping, and you can make sure you attain along with your different rabbit.

Besides, shipping is expensive. It's been a while but the closing time I shipped a rabbit anywhere it was just about $125, plus $30 extra for a health pass.

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