A cross-examine something like vet academy?

hey i have a grill about continueance instruction. if you go to institution for four years to get your bachleors as a vet tech, can you still travel to school for two more years to obtain your vet degree? or is that a unbroken another 6 years to become a vet?
i wanna become a vet tech, work as a tech for a few years and then stir for my vet degree is that possible? thankfulness for your answers?
Answers: Most Veterinary Technician programs are only 2 years of college. To become an actual vet, you must dance to 8 years of school for that- the Vet Tech classes are different than the ones you'd thieve to become a vet. It's a completely different program.
If you want to become a vet then you involve to just step into a 4 year college and afterwards, you will do another 4 years of school focusing on the vet program.
If that's too much university for you then become a Vet Tech. Most school have a 2 year program and at the downfall you take your state exam to attain your license.
i dont think so

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