[[[>>Vets<< please?!]]]; <3?

Ok just yesterday my rabbit (had it for four months and is 10 months elderly, i keep it indoors due to winter weather lately) be resting in it's rabbit round up thingy when i came to identify that she had patch of hard fur around her eyes and on her tail *&&* when i tried to flatten it down it wouldnt because it be rock solid! Immediatley me and my younger sister cleaned out the entire cage and wait till today to see if the rabbit got better but it's still unyielding and i think it might start to spread! Is this mundane in rabbits? Should i try to find a vet within my area? I don't want her to die! I could never purloin that i cried for an entire day when her pin was bleeding after me and my dad be cutting them! :((((
Answers: Are you sure it isn't simply dirt or stickiness contained by her fur? Rabbits will lick their feet and later clean themselves. It is possible that freshly getting her fur wet from her own saliva have caused this.

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