Am I spoilng my daughter??

Sometimes I feel I am spoiling my 4 month daughter Lilianna beside toys. When she came along, my friends didn't buy her much toys, newly outfits. I got 2 toys from my friends and a set of teething toys and only just I bought her a really big stuffed dog and around 3 stuffed animals and I have also bought her some dolls for adjectives and some of those touch and learn play toys- is this too much?? She have got somewhat mat which she can lie within with little dials- but she have over 15 different stuffed animals now and 3 'touch and learn' Tommy toys and a few teething bar. how much did you give your babies?? Help!! Experiences plz.. gratefulness. Love Kayley xxx
Answers: So your daughter is your PET is she - why is this in PETS category.

Anyway, that aside, so what if you spoil her - she is your daughter - study toys are great and help beside co-ordination and contact.
Personally I don't think you can spoil A child near too many toys - you spoil them by not giving them discipline.
I enjoy a baby daughter at 5 months and I be just similar to you- she has get soooo many toys and loves the stuffed plant animals! She also has various teething bars- she isn't getting spoilt it is just approaching a new stage!! I love the opinion of the play barn- my baby have this- touch and learns are great fun for the little babies too- try and check everything you buy!! Anyway, at least she won't be stuck for concept!! Don't worry- I gave my daughter a moment ago as much and maybe even more. Good luck beside second baby xxxxxx
she is 4 months antediluvian..she would be happy beside a tupperwear box and a wooden spoon.
Its pointless buyng her loads of toys now it will simply fill your house full of toys she doesnt play near. My advice is to buy her a few toys and allow her to really appreciate what she have.
If you spoil them now, she will other want something else bigger and more expensive, as she is growing up.
Yup without a doubt.
Yes.they childish only once
My mum other used to say if you can't spoil your childrn who can you spoil? I'm sure this is up for debate but your daughter is a babe and won't even realise what having like mad or being spoilt is. It is when they attain older it wishes to be controlled more and if you still want to buy them things on a regukar basis, breed it so it is a reward in return of fitting behaviour etc. a bit than just giving them toys willy nilly.
I have hundreds of dolls and things and wouldn't ever say i be spoilt.
No, your allowed to spoil your own daughter. Just make sure that when she grows up you tutor her the value of money and what it take to be able to enjoy nice things. That is the best thing that you can do to ensure that she does not expire up spoilt or having financial problems after that in life span.
hey iam a step mum to a young child u cant oblige but love them and spoil them but dont spoil them too much otherwise they wil get greedy contained by the future i know belivev u me
to be honest, toys r not the answer to loving r daughter you can spoil them near love, i would say that r not spoiling her but i would speak i think thats adequate toys she has as nearby is plenty of yrs left for toys, plenty of love i regard evry child should get beside out too many toys.
its your energy, your family, you treat them how you want.
I don't really conjecture that you are spoiling her too much as she is only 4 months frail and I can understand that you are probably unbelievably excited. Just try and make sure that when she get older you tender her these things if she has be good. If she have been defiant say no. Therefore she can cram that rewards are for being apt and also hopefully she will develop an appreciation for such things.
She will appreciate quality time next to you rather than more toys. Save the money for a slide/sandpit or a short time bike when she's a toddler. She'll love that
yes, you're spoiling her but she's your daughter and there's nothing wrong near that. next time though, buy things within variation. don't focus on toys alone, buy her clothes, shoes and other things she wishes. you can also buy her books instead, that way she'll know how to keep them and use them surrounded by the future.
Looks similar to you are having some problems as you hold also asked YA advice on whether to capture your little girl a pet, it sounds like you are trying to get up for some deficiency you reckon she has, and at the moment she have all the toys she desires, she's 4 months and in time you will acquire more but for immediately she has plenty.
i dont belive your spoiling your daughter. but try to remember they are only little and one and only need a bit to play with. i enjoy a next door neighbor and she sounds alot similar to you but she doesnt think shes spoiling her little one she thinks shes keeping her busy whilst she have to have/cook dinner and things like that. of late dont worry your doing fine
you are not spoiling your daughter i hold a baby brother and we other buy him toys it is that is your first child and you return with carried away but they won't use the toys they like to play next to bowls,spoons, and lots of cook ware every kid is the same channel but you save the toys because she is going to use them when here much older specifically just close to my brother.
shes only 4 months! probability are she is more interested in the cardboard box the toys come contained by then the actual toys! its nice for kids to own toys, u just involve to make sure that she is outmoded enough to appreciate them. sometimes things that bring in a sound or are chewable are best. and enlightening stuff! but theres no harm within splashing out! if when she gets elder she starts to play up, take some toys away until she starts to behave. the tommy toys are alright, hide away some space in your house though for a retreat!
um.. why are you asking this query in the pet slice? lilianna isn't your pet, is she?... well yes she's a spoiled little brat! when she's surrounded by school, she's gonna conduct yourself like a spoiled rich kid if you hold on to this up. try lowering the amount of toys you give her as she grows up. when she's a kid, it doesn't really matter. but trademark sure she doesn't damage the toys or disrespect them. because she should be positive for what she has. everything will be fine, as long as you only teach her that.
You are somewhat bit dont spend to much save some money for yourself aswel.
My Mum i dont know how much she give me but she gave me different things, not heaps though
Amy xxx
I thought this was the pets forum and you can return with you daughter pets.
u should see my house with adjectives the toys my kids have Ive have 2 make my vertebrae room as a toy room n they still say they enjoy nothing 2 play near .don't worry almost it u buy as much toys as u wont least Ur kid will be havein fun next to em
hellooo pet section here, this is the wrong place to ask give or take a few spoiling kids as most pet owners are as bad for spoiling pets
.I intuitively i think you've gone overboard near the toys, but so long as YOU are playing with your daughter,
I see no impair at this age. as she gets elder you may have to restriction the number of new toys to special occasion if you wish to remain sane and solvent.
remember toys are a tool of well-mannered parenting not a substitute
no your are not spoiling her my daughter had loads of toys she also have loads at her grandma house which was handy and kept her amuse when we saw grandma
yes you are spoiling your daughter and well-mannered on ya for doing so. just delight in spoiling her she's only little for a jiffy

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