Animal Showing?

I know that there are livestock shows, rabbit shows and cavy shows, but what do you guys reason about it? I would reflect that the animals would be stressed out, and i don't think that animals should be used for showing. I am not against it, because i have one rabbit that i showed twice. So i am not against it, i just considered necessary to know what you guys think. Please no insults, freshly opinions.
Answers: Normally, shows are held during the more pleasant season of the year for the area. When I lived within Florida, most of the rabbit shows were surrounded by the winter to avoid overheating the rabbits. Around here in NY, most of the shows come across to be in precipitate spring..
It's not like they hold the rabbits any more uncomfortable afterwards the people would be. If anything, the rabbit would be a bit furnace.Whenever we had unusually cool weather, most nation would keep their rabbits surrounded by the car next to someone and someone else would pay attention to when their breed be up..
Most show rabbits I know of go to smaller number then 12 shows a year. They find put on a table for a couple minutes, then it's fund home to chill out and eat..
I yearning I only have to go into work 12 times a year and that it lone involved me standing around for a couple minutes and then driving home..
Cavies are a bit more sensitive and contained by cold weather, if the building wasn't heated, our cavy show got cancelled.. Either means of access, if it was too cold I newly didn't bring my cavies, just my rabbits..
It comes down to the individual entity showing. Most of them DO care almost not stressing their animals unnecessarily. A stressed rabbit is more likely to gain sick. No one who takes the time to breed to a standard requirements to have their show ahead rabbit die..
I'm not against showing at all.. It's a worthy way for ethnic group to learn more or less husbandry and gives the public an opportunity to see the difference between a well-bred animal and the BYB'er rabbits sold at pet stores..
If feature breeders didn't breed, scum lots still would. Showing for conformation is one of the things that helps distinguish the two as different..
I dont assume its wrong to show an animal, but they need to enjoy a break every while (more breaks then shows). as long as I don`t know 4-5 shows a year would be enogh, just approaching a professional singer they dont have 200 concerts respectively year, but they practice for them alot so ya.

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