Adopted Butterfly thought. Really!?


I went to an animal sheltar, and I saw 3 Monarch butterflies, and 17 catapillers. Its be $100 with a huge 100 gal mesh top cistern. How do u care

Be nice please.
Answers: What?! $100?! I used to arrest all of my caterpillars and grown them into butterflies...

Anyway, you call for milk weed for the pillars (you can sometimes find them around the corner of a building.. that's where I found them)- and a heck of deeply if you're getting 17 since all they do is poop and drink :D. You can spray water on the milk weed once a hours of daylight or so. Then for the butterflies? I usually let them run after the turned, so I'm not sure. But they eat nectar... so flowers? Don't know what benevolent, though. Perhaps almost any kind.

Try asking the shelter. BUT REMEMBER! That when the pillars turn into cocoons, NEVER touch them or move them. And don't touch the wing, either.
You salaried 100 dollars for something you could find outside? I don't get it - be they special butterflies and caterpillars?

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