my gold fish is within a fish bowl with no filter or flowing hose and it keeps going to the top and moving his oral cavity like he is discussion so is the bowl good 4 him or does he call for a tank
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proper Goldfish guardianship


You should never keep your goldfish surrounded by a fishbowl. It is very small, a nightmare to assert, and often leaves your fish gasping for nouns. If you MUST keep your fish surrounded by a fishbowl for some reason, be sure that it is single filled in the middle. Why? Remember that a greater surface area allows more oxygen for the fish. A goldfish bowl packed to the top may have more wet in it, but the surface nouns is much smaller!
In a pinch, you could substitute several containers for a goldfish bowl. Anything large, water-tight, and verbs will do. Make sure it is washed out, but do not use detergent. This is poison for fishes.

And, obviously, buy a tank as soon as possible. They're not expensive, and your fish will thank you for it. "

"The fishtank is, as expected, the most important piece of equipment. Tanks are not at adjectives expensive, and buying a nice, big tank is the best item you can do for your fish. You should never keep your fish within a goldfish bowl or other small container.
Since goldfish get their oxygen from the surface, you want a reservoir with a big surface nouns. The number of gallons is not nearly as important as the surface nouns. You can get this surface nouns by multiplying the tank's LENGTH by its DEPTH. For every inch of fish length, you must have 30 sq inches of surface nouns. But remember! Your fish will also grow, and you want to take this into reason when choosing your tank. (see examples).

For details on the proper set-up of your goldfish reservoir, see our Aquarium Setup page."
it may need a filter or it may be hungry??

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