Any one know give or take a few chinchillas? i involve help out?

my chinchilla lucy is such a spaz she's so hiper normally and adjectives of a sudden she has gotten really reall skinny shes not everywhere if u know what i penny-pinching shes just sitting near and her poops are not half as big as typical no direa or nothing but shes acting really funny shes not ingestion as fast or anything and to top it sour there is not vet for chinchilla's around me any suggestions or anyone know what may be going on>\?
Answers: Smaller poop size, sluggishness, and loss of appetite are signs of constipation. Some possible cause - too many treats, unflattering food, lack of exercise. To treat the problem - substitute raisins for your chin's usual treats (no more than 2-3 a day) and engineer sure she has constant access to fresh hay. To prevent this from arranged again, limit the amount of treats she get, make sure she get plenty of exercise, she should always enjoy a fresh supply of hay, and provide her with a virtuous chinchilla food.

Constipation can be a result of many things. You want to start looking around for the nearest vet that treats chinchillas. If the constipation is a result of too many treats, poor diet, or absence of exercise, then doing what I mentioned above should work. However, if there's something else going on and the above doesn't work, she could possibly die. I don't want to panic you, but you need to find the nearest vet that treats chins, even if that mechanism an hour or more drive. What she has presently might be nothing serious and might smoothly be treated at home, but if something more severe should ever happen, you'll necessitate to know where you can steal her. Good luck with her!
I focus she has newly settled down because it is winter and they hibernate and you can take it to any exotic animal vet and i would newly to make sure she is ok

(good luck)
Any licensed vet should know how to care for your Chinchilla. Here's some information for you.
Chinchillas must enjoy a dust bath every other hours of daylight at least.
Place the Chinchilla Dust (Superpet) contained by a large cup fish bowl because chinchillas eat anything plastic. We recommend the Superpet brand because it is the authentic lava dust-not clay-as lots others are.
Only feed appropriate agreed Chinchilla foods and a quality fortified diet. Kay nouns Fiesta is a good one.
No cedar shavings ever!
An extra roomy Superpet wheel(looks like mesh inside) for exercise is called for. We sell that brand because it is not detrimental for the Chinchillas tiny feet.
Make sure the Chinchilla cannot get through consume any of its cage.
You can purchase some lava treats from any pet store. They enjoy to gnaw on them or the front teeth overgrow.
Chinchilla feces is tiny and the urine is concentrated, and it is difficult to determine how much is eaten at a setting but you can absolutely see how much it drinks,consume about 2-3 ounces of marine a day.
Walnut, cherry and willow wood are incurable.
If you have be following the above pretty much all along, consequently take the animal to a vet. Chinchillas can live 18 years.
The chinchilla might enjoy eaten something while wandering more or less in the house and can't digest it.

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