Bunny or Hamster?

My mom said I can get a pet. Bunny or Hamster is the quiz. Which is better, and i have two dogs which will counter better with the dogs(the dogs are labs) Help!(please)
Answers: it depends on your home situation, how much time you own to spare for your pet, etc. i have both bunnies and a hamster. the hamster is by far the easiest to look after. if you have a rabbit would it live inside or outside. rabbits need lots of room and company - you would stipulation to get 2.

hamsters (syrian hamsters) live alone. they are cheap to look after and the dogs are smaller quantity likely to bother it.

across the world neither hamsters or bunnies really enjoy human being picked up too much. i have a run contained by the living room for my hamster so he comes out in that every dark and its great fun watching him run round exploring his toys and playing in his sand pit (cat litter tray full of bird sand)

also - bunnies can and should live to an average of more or less 8 years whereas hamsters average about 2 - 3 years. both of these statistics own advantages and disadvantages! will you necessarily want to care for a rabbit for 8 years or, by the time its nearly 4 will you have gone on to be more interested within other things? but then again, have a pet with a short enthusiasm span can be upsetting!

i would suggest you research each animal as much as possible on the internet and within books so that you can make the best conclusion for yourself and for your family (it normally falls to mum to look after a pet after a child has grown up and gone home or becomes more interested surrounded by other things)
I advise a hampster due to personal experance near both. They tend to be cheaper, dogs won't bother it as much (they tend to kill rabbits) and the enclose is smaller and easyer to clean
I have both bunnies and hamsters and I found that bunnies are really cute and stuff but they tend to smell really badly even if you verbs their cage frequently. Hamsters are a appropriate pet but you have to watch out because they tend to escape their cages abundantly.
I would suggest hamster, if your bunny got out, it would be firm to get it rear legs and some dogs are trained to catch rodents (some do naturally) but at least possible with a hamster you can preserve your hamster safe surrounded by cage, whereas a bunny desires time outside out it's cage.
Both will look similar to prey to your dogs. Are you able to keep hold of the new pet within your locked room? If not then I recomend none. If you are feeling like to keep your door closed and teh dogs out of your room consequently get a hamster, they are smaller and will help yourself to up less space. Good luck
a hamster is better near dogs. a bunny is a lot of work. i hold a house rabbit which is box trained and we still have to verbs his cage on a day by day basis and donate him lots of food and care every hours of daylight. also rabbits are costly. hay, bedding, greens, food, cage, and other supplies really affix up. a hamster cage is usually much smaller number expensive and you only really necessitate some pellets and bedding. individually i find it cruel to keep a rabbit within a cage, so if you do terminate up going for a rabbit, think roughly getting a trained one, but again i dont think it will find along with your dogs if they are aggressive.
i would speak hamster. They are cool, but bunies are not bad.
you should bring back a hamster. bunnies bite after while of have the bunny. if you capture a baby hamster you can drill it not 2 bite.
Bunny, they have be domesticated much longer than hampsters, and can be litter trained and make overall suitable pets, especially if you get a smart bunny.
I've have many bunnies and hamsters. If you own 2 dogs I would recommend a hamster. Their cage is glib to clean take 2 minutes. The food and toys are cheap and they are addorable. Bunnies require a bit more maintenance and strictness. You must clip their nails perchance every two weeks, Sometimes a challenge. other make sure they hold something to chew on and take them outside to play regularly ( beside a bunny leash and harness). You don't have to enjoy such upkeep with a hammy. Just formulate sure you handle them day after day to keep them individual used to it so they aren't shocked when you pick them up. Also, remember they are nocturnal and like to run contained by wheels. If your reins squeeks just mop a little vegetable grease on the hinges where on earth it moves. Harmless.
Have you considered a guinea pig? They are really cute and like to be held, don't try to escape from your hands/arms resembling a hamster. They don't need a HUGE pen. They make cute noise, too, when they hear the frig open 'cuz they know they're gonna grasp a treat (carrots or celery or something).
I vote for the hamster.

Here's my reasoning:

The bunny will need to be out and roughly a little bit (=loose from shut within, or in immense penned area) contained by order to be optimistic. The labs will do everything they can to get at the bunny. It's contained by their nature! You won't know how to train them not to.

I had great, great hamsters as pets when I be younger. Their names be "Poker Dice" and "Belle." Dice was white beside beige spots and Belle be reddish-brown.

Here's a great website on looking after hamsters:


"The World According To Humphrey," by Betty G. Birney, is a really fun book told from the point of attitude of a hamster, Humphrey, who's a schoolroom pet.

Other facts:
Rabbits aren't very delighted on their own. If you did get a rabbit, you'd probably call for to get two.

A rabbit will be around much longer than a hamster. If you're eight years aged or older, the rabbit will still be around when you dance off to college.

Finally, rabbits are seriously more work to take watchfulness of than hamsters. Here's a good website on rabbits:

move about with the bunny because they are funner to play near and love people most adjectives the time. hampsters are almost always boring and friends close to bunnys more any way.
hampsters are easier and they stay small.
Well this is a pretty sturdy question for me since i own both pets. Rabbit and hamster. But i personally would hold to go beside a rabbit. Their more loving and actually more similar to a pet! Hamsters are small critter pets, but if u want a small pet thats fine. Both pets are great, but rabbits are really cool. Your decision, but i would stir with rabbits, you'll love them longer and plus rabbits are more close to a friend.

Good luck hope i helped & moral luck on making your decision. Heres websites on both pets if your interested:

http://www.hamstercare.com -Hamsters
http://www.rabbits.com -Rabbits

Good luck & hope the sites help =P
My rabbit and dog kee each other company. The rabbit is a Lop and the dog is a Black Lab mix. They chase respectively other, (it's funny to see the rabbit chasing the dog), lay together, and dig holes together, (bad habbit).

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