How are rabbits an overall mediocre cost contained by vet bills than cats/dogs?

Also, do MOST rabbits keeping chewing every second and pooping every second once u let them out of their enclose, or does it depend on the rabbit?
Answers: While it is true that rabbits don't require vaccines here in the US, they do obligation to see an exotics vet, which will cost you more than a regular dog/cat vet. Their spay/neuter fees are much more expensive, but a spay/neuter is certainly important. It will cut down on behavioral issues such as territorial marking, similar to the pooping. Rabbits are prone to chewing, especially on cords. It's best to bunny-proof the area you permit them out in. They can also well be litter trained.
first off adjectives nothing is cheap if you are worried going on for money costs for pets and only want to spend little money on your companion specifically low. Don't get a pet later... Rabbits can sometimes get severely hurt or sick and you will have need of to spend alot of money and give it love and attneiton on which you don't give the impression of being willing to do if your to worrie don expensive vet costs... so please don't verbs about money costs if you want a friend the price is worth it!

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