Is it OK to put 2 dwarf hamsters in the same cage?

i got a dwarf hamster and i was wondering if it would be ok to to get her a friend ( thats a boy ) and i heard that hamsters dont get along very well but i dont know if it is true or not so i kinda wanna know.
Female Dawf hamsters are more like loners in a sence. It might end up killing the other hampster, or vise versa. Hampsters dont get along well with others.

I had a drawf hamster!!
So cute, she lived 3 years and thats pretty good
for hampsters =]
well actually i had a dwarf hampster. my cousin and i put them together and the started to fight. so.
hope that helps.
It's better to keep them in seperate cages side by side ( since you a female and are getting a male they will have babies if u put them together) if u are planning 2 breed them let the female in his cage supervised for 1-2 a day and then return him to his cage. Feed her a good hamster food , and also ann some meat cooked ( for protein) , boiled eggs, and maybe rice, also offer fresh veggies and fruits.
They won't get along unless they are from the same litter and together from birth. Don't do it.
It's okay to put two together if they are the same sex. Keep an eye on them in the beginning to see if they get along.
Technically speaking, if they are still young, say under 6-8 weeks old, they will be fine in together. Dwarves love having companions, but as they age, if they were not introduced to a group, they will be more solitary and territorial.

Now, aside from the technicalities, putting a male and female dwarf in together will result in babies within 3 weeks time. That means more cages, learning to care for babies, learning how to tell them apart to seperate boys from girls, getting rid of them if that's your choice, etc. And if Dad's not out of the cage when the first ones are born, then you'll wind up with more babies another 3 weeks later. Dwarves will breed within 24 hours of giving birth.

If you want companions, breeding isn't a bad option, as long as you are prepared to take care of them. Keep the male and female apart expect to breed once every 4 days. They'll stop trying to mate when the girl gets pregnant, but keep them apart after that for the reason stated above.

Then, when the babies are born, and about 4 weeks old, you'll need to seperate the boys from the girls. Girls can stay in with mom, as long as the cage is large enough. But if the cage is not, then you'll need to find a larger one. The boys can go in with dad, but you'll need to try to introduce them together slowly.

Hope that helps some. You can look at some of my past answers, as I've addressed this before, but I know I haven't gone over everything.
Actually, dwarf hamsters are community animals. Once properly introduced, they will live together in harmony for most of their lives. If you are hoping to breed, and that is SOME commitment, let me tell you, you should keep her and the male in seperate, wire cages next to each other so they can see and smell each other. Females are much more territorial than the males, so you'll want to put her in his cage for supervised interactions at first. Follow this same protocol to introduce two of the same sex - although no matter what you try, two females might never get along unless they are littlermates.

After a week or two of this, put them in the same cage, preferably a new on that neither has been in yet. If you don't have a third cage, try to clean the larger cage out as best as you can with hot water and a small SMALL amount of Pine Sol. Make sure that there are places for them to hide from each other, like little straw huts or plastic houses. They need to be able to escape from each other if the roughhousing gets to be too much!! And they will fight, but you'll hear if it gets to be too much.

As for putting a male and female together to breed, there is a lot to consider. The average gestation period for a dwarf hamster is 17 - 19 days. That's it. And, as soon as the last baby of the litter pops out, mama can get pregnant again. Dwarf hamster dads can be left in the cage with mom and the babies. The babies are in more danger of being eaten by mom than dad. If things seem to get too stressful, you can removed dad, but keep him nearby and let him have supervised time with mom and the babies.

So. A female dwarf hammy can have up to 6 babies every 19 or 20 days. That's alot of hamsters. And there is not a huge market for dwarf babies. If you're lucky, you will find a local pet store (not a chain one) that will give you a couple dollars store credit for each baby. I got $5 store credit for each baby, which helped keep me in shavings but not much else. It is something you do for the love of the hamsters, not money. Then, on the other hand, they might never breed. I bought a beautiful dwarf female once to breed with a big, friendly male that I had. I introduced them, they played, and roughed it up, and slept next to each other for over a year. Not one single baby!

If you want to have two dwarf hamsters together, the best is to have a female - male combination and allow them to breed, or to have two siblings of the same sex from the same litter. If you get a male and female from the same litter, they will still breed. You won't get weird mongoloid hamsters UNLESS both the mom and the dad are speckled.. contact me for more genetic information if you need it. Or any other dwarf hamster info you need - I have enough of it!

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