Can hamsters take depressed? Mine is about2 years feeble and he just comes out..?

of his cage anymore, I dont contemplate hes sick (no signs of wet tail or anything) What can i do to cheer him up.

He have quite a big shut within, With a few bog rolls so he can chew and hide within them and a wheel.

He never go on the wheel anymore, not sure if its cuz hes a fatty hammie or what.

Shall i put loads of stuff within the cage so he have more of a playground?

Answers: well, they can grasp depressed, but what kind of hamster is he? If his a larger one (black accept, teddy accept...etc ones over the size of your palm, or around it) then it is in recent times an old dude. He wont do much more after sleep now. But if he is a smaller one ( similar to a Russian Drawf or a Chinese, ones that are really small) then he is any bored and needs unmarked toys, or he is getting old. I would say aloud, give him a few exotic toys, take out the behind the times ones he don't use and give him some tender loving comfort. Thats about adjectives you can do. Have fun with him. Just so you know, an average hamster one and only lives a little over two years, so pious job so far. Most die after their first birthday.
Hamsters are nocturnal, try listen for it during the night, they also prefer it to be cool to be involved, though at 2 years old he is probably surrounded by his twilight.
Stop putting him down your pants!
Hamsters with the sole purpose have a natural life span of about 2 years so he might be reaction it by now.
He's probably getting older. (Hamsters don't live very long.)
they are nocturnal if it help, mso he might be coming out at night!
I don't know if depression is the right word for it but hamsters, approaching any animal, can get stressed. It would be a obedient idea to spend a bit more time beside the hamster and let it out of the shut within once in a while. If it still seem depressed after a couple of days of much loving ;-) then you'd better bring it to a vet.
My hamster stopped using his gearstick for a few months before he died. I suppose its like peas in a pod reason you don't find 80 year old's playing at the park any more. Their knees probably hurt!
Hamsters usually individual live for a couple of years so he may just be awareness his age I'm afraid.
maybe he is of late bored or he just getting hoary.. or possible u just own a lazy hamster...u never really can relate i gues . but these are some things to think give or take a few...
Hamsters on live for about 2yrs. He's getting feeble and like most outmoded people have a slower pace of natural life.

See how he is during the night, as they are nocturnal creatures.

Do your best to trade name him comfortable.

Hamsters only live 2 - 2.5 years so it's probably due to matured age
Hamsters rarely exceed 2years. Beware it does not procure cold. If it does it will go stiff, its heart rate will drop and it starts to hibernate. At that stage most will die but if you hold it within your hand you can sometimes capture it out of the hibernation. However at 2years old it could already be former its final birthday. With care they can live until 3years.
I guess any living thinking creature can get depressed.
no it not depressed. merely hibernating
Scalectrix set and a rubber fastening?
he's old he will probably die soon
He is perceptibly very bored beside just the loo roll tubes and the hamster gearstick. Put in things resembling wooden cotton reels for him to gnaw on, cut the tops stale plastic bottles and put in the hold. Or you could invest in a hamster globe so that he can roll around which will make it more interesting for him and also exercises him. Try getting those tube attachments for his enclose so that he can explore and climb. They do need lots of different things to play beside, but not all at indistinguishable time. Every couple of days, change his toys over so that he doesnt become bored by them. Dont put surrounded by too many, as this will run down the amount of space around him, which hamsters do like.
All animals can suffer from depression due to living contained by solitude. the best thing you can put surrounded by his cage is a nother hamster.
Please dont put another hamster within as someone has suggested!
My striking hamster Teddy died at about 18 months infirm. She gradually get slower and slower and eventually passed away.
All I can suggest is make your hams final few weeks/months soft and happy.
Check food intake as he/she may stipulation slightly softer food like scrambled egg/ chicken within small amounts if chewing hard food is a problem.
Good luck and wallow in your time together!
Hi there, your hamster is getting a bit aged now, resembling us all hamsters approaching to slow down a bit as they get elder and do sleep more, give him a treat every in a minute and again...a few sunflower seeds or 1 wash dandylion leaf ( not too normally )
I am sure he is ok, just taking go easy. Hope this help :o)
he is 2 - oldage for hamsters -
Warning this young man have had to be blocked from my email.
they are nocturnal animals so its more live within the darkness time. maybe transmutation some food and try dipping individual pieces in sunflower grease.

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