I am so bored what can i do?

tell me some things i can do on a saturday when i am bored bored bored!!
Answers: stir and help out at an animal sanctury, you dont draw from paid and can be smelly but loads of fun!and you definatly wont own time to get bored,
estimate of all the things you could do everyother daylight!
When i get bored i hail as friends and talk to them. But, one time me and my friend made a register of crazy things to do at walmart. It was fun.=]
It involves battery.
I feel ya sister, shift to a movie, play a board game, dance to the climbing gym, workt out. I know im 13 and I get bored bored bored sometimes.
finger yourself?
you are on the Internet so that is to say something.
read a book.
go out and play.
nick a bike ride.
just shift do something.
by the way, why are you contained by pets?
Ask some more questions that we can answer!
Well since you posted this contained by the pets section: volunteer at an animal shelter or a rescue group? ^.^ They other appreciate the help and the animals are fun to interact near.
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