Anyone ever enjoy or does own a kitten and a puppy at like peas in a pod time? Are they buddies?

We are getting a puppy and I thought it'd be an ideal time to carry a kitten as well. I hold plenty of time to spend with both of them. I'd be getting a small breed dog so size wouldn't be an issue. Do they usually become playmates or does it a moment ago depend on the kitten's acceptance? Which should be elder or should they be the same age?
Answers: When I be a child we had a dog and a cat, Dino the dog and Jason the cat. Jason be the oldest and they got on fine, but Jason be definitely the boss and other put Dino in his place, but he never hurt him. If you go and get them both at the same time after they should accept respectively other and you should have no problems.
They didn't really play together but they would sleep together. If you be to get one since the other then I would suggest getting the cat first , I dream up a cat would be more tolerant of a new dog, but I give attention to a dog would be jealous of a untried cat and you could have problems.
Hope this help.
i have a cat and a dog and they are impossible to tell apart age. we had a puppy and a kitten at first and at first they may not close to each other but as time pass they get along better. most times when nation get a dog and a cat they won't chase eachother if you take them young. if they're something like the same age it would be right but if one had to be elder i would say the cat should be the elder of the two. good luck finding two lovable pets & i hope you enjoy tons of fun with them. =]

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