Animal crooks PLEASE comfort?

What animals are they used on and what are they used for...?
Please help i really have need of it
Answers: A shepherd's crook is used for catching and holding sheep by the neck. You can see one here:

They can also be used to assistance catch and control other animals, approaching an ostrich:
"Training in the use of a shepherd's crook to lock in ostriches is recommended, as incorrect use may cause injury to the bird. A shepherd's crook consists of a long (2.4 metres) extendable lightweight pole next to a hook attached at one end. When using a shepherd's crook the ostrich may be approached from any angle, or alternatively permit the ostriches run by the handler and hook the required bird. The technique involves grasping the bird's neck basically below the head next to the hook and gently but firmly extending it's collar until parallel to the ground, keeping it just below the horizontal of its back. The bird will mostly pull pay for on the crook however the ostrich can still come forward and kick, near the potential to cause injury to both itself or the handler.
A second stockperson after moves in losing the ostrich to steady it, allowing the first handler to hood the bird. The first handler maintains pressure on the crook whilst approaching the animal, afterwards grasps the beak between thumb and forefinger and slides the hood over it's head and removes the crook."
whats human being used on animals

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