Another bird, or a reptile?

I would really like to any get a reptile (mali uromastyx, or a corn snake), or another copier (because I have a cockatiel)

But I can't wish which ones I should try to convince my parents to let me procure. I am really into the creepy things that freak people out, but I love birds personality, they are so fun

Which do you think would be more fun, a parakeet, or a reptile

*don't verbs, Ive done extensive research on both, have the money, and the room, I lately can't decide!
Answers: Bird can be elevated maintenance while reptiles can be low continuation depending on what kind of reptile i.e. turtle,snake
i'd say-so the choice between them is up to you. both have polite points and "bad!" :) already have a impressionist, so getting a reptile will change things up. lol i'm simply like you! i love creepy things. I love insects!

haha ok getting pay for on topic...if you already have a copycat you are most likely completely experienced with birds, and your impressionist can have some friends! but next you've done good research on the reptlie as very well, so you sound okay prepared for either =D

if your parents are rock-hard to convince, maybe they won't agree to a reptlie. If i be you i'd get the reptile! but that's a moment ago me. sounds like you really are into birds as all right, so if you want another cutie go for it!!

btw, gratefulness for answering my betta question!

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