Can two smooth short haired guinea pigs enjoy a rough coat babe?

I know rough haired ones can have smooth shorthaired babies. But I didn’t regard as short smooth hair babies could own rough haired babies I have never see this till now. I thought the rough mane must be dominant over the short smooth which must have be recessive. Also usually when one of my guineapigs have babies the majority of the time the babies turn out more similar to the father. of course they could be looking resembling a ancestor in the father background...But bring back this I have a cream and brown speckled pig beside dark eyes who have 1 baby that looks one and the same as her1 light grey feathery pinkish cream and brown speckled baby next to red eyes, 1 pure white baby next to red eyes. And a pure medium brown infant dark eyes. The father is black beside a white strip down his nose. The same mannish guineapig is also a father with a full poorly lit red ginger pig dark eyes and 1 of her babies is bedside light brown with cream patch red eyes. And then the other 1 is grey white speckled and white patch red eyes. And this is the one that is rough haired and soft toy like mixed. All the guineapigs are short smooth haired except for this one.

Is it everyday for none of them to look even a tiny bit like their father and how did I attain so many different colours? and 1 tot that was rough haired and cuddly toy like? Both mothers are first time mothers and the father is first time as in good health with both the females.
Answers: In writ to answer that question, you would have need of to know their pedigree for many frequent generations backbone. Recessive genes can pop up when you least expect them, especially if you dont know their pedigree!
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