Anyone know how to build a rabbit hutch not run?

Any websites etc?
Answers: Building a rabbit hutch isnt that difficult. All you need is to integer out how big measurement perceptive how big and tall you want it to be. How copious "rooms" for the little hoppers you need and if your going to save your Does and Bucks away from each other, Yea they in actuality call females Does and the Males Bucks, kinda silly but hey dont knock Also hold in mind are you raise them for their fur which some breeds have striking fur for yarn, and some are great for their meat. Sorry Vegans! Going to your local book shop to find how too books, My dad built one but that be like when I be 5 and no longer has accounts or I would give them to you.Below is a bit of info I did return with from dad when building them. And a couple of places I know of that have books on the subject.

"Rabbit hutches can be impartially easily built using wood and flex mesh. Whilst a flat wooden roof is fine for a hutch intended to be kept indoors, it is important that a hutch intended for outdoor use have a sloping waterproof roof surrounded by order to prevent the wood soaking up dampen and becoming damp and cold surrounded by periods of fruitless weather."

Good luck and Happy Holidayz

This gives you instructions for a 30 by 36 inch hutch. Good luck!

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