Which is the most annoying animal contained by the world and why?

it can b more than 1
Answers: Human Children

My cat wont let me sleep it bites my toes and wont stop licking my quill.
Birds... especially parrots... they never freakin shut up!! I don't enjoy one but every time I go somewhere where on earth there is one I want to verbs its head rotten like surrounded by dumb and dumber... grrr!

I never would though but they are SOOO annoying!
Rats!! I hate their little foot and they run so damn fast that I can't squish 'em!
llamas . the llama song is VERY annoying . oo and also hyenas . (cant spell!) their guffaw is so annoying and llamas just smell
Without a doubt, it have to be the human being. Other animals respond and act in response to their natural instincts. They can't oblige being cats, sharks, bear, ants or whatever.

Only humans can wish what is right or wrong, and then opt to do the exact wrong thing.
the most annoying animal is a bit sister called dahr i cogitate or maybe it can me more than me a fish or something not a soul no's witch is the annoying animal so this is your anwser appa
i was going to vote humans but vince beat me to it
It adjectives depends on their personality
Its Monkey
offcourse human . Because it have no limits , it is superior to adjectives .

They are THE MOST horrible little creatures.
(i don't mean to be denote to cat luvas)



They are icky, creepy, crawly, hairy and overall DISGUSTING!!

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