What disease cause horns to grow out of a rabbit's body?

Answers: Cornumorbus lagomorphia (rabbit horn sickness)

Okay, looked it up. It's really Shope papilloma virus.

Don't look at the second link unless you've get a strong stomach. Poor bunnies.
Demonic possession?

Is this a trick question?

Their teeth can over grow their mouths, but excluding that, nothing should be growing out of you rabbit.

Picture of the condition:
Could it be Jack'O Lope syndrome?? Stay away, stay as far away from him as you can!...LOL
I hold heard of that. I don't know what it is call, though. I can happen to any animal or human! I am relatively sure it is not contagious, though...

~Jequita, 13
Mine did that last week.
Shope/cottontail papilloma virus.

Similar to the virus that cause warts and skin growths contained by humans.

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