2 Male Guinea Pigs For Adoptions (SINGAPORE)?

Hi all pets lovers contained by SINGAPORE!

I got two manly Guinea Pigs for adoptions, Geniue pet lovers who interested please contact me via my email at debugu@gmail.com or contact me near your experience with pets and your interest. Hope my two piggys competent to find a better owner :)

Photos and Info as shown below.

Age: 6 Months old
Breed: Abyssinian
Gender: Male
Sterilized: Nope
Health: Healthy n Active
Fav Food: Cucumber and Carrots

Age: 1 Year behind the times
Breed: Abyssinian
Gender: Male
Sterilized: Yup
Health: Healthy n Active
Fav Food: Sweet Corn, Cucumber and Carrots
Answers: hey, you can always jump to 88db website and put your Guinea Pigs up for sale..hope this help
I'm sorry you have to rehome your guinea pigs.
I required to let you know of a site that will be caring in finding dutiful homes for them.

try posting your adds on:


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