A interrogate roughly my Hermit Crab's loss?

My old ascetic crab lived for a year. He was in position to switch shells. We laid out a few new shells. He never chose another shell. He finally get inside a shell, but he crawled back out of the shell, and later he died. I later read within an article that hermit crabs stipulation heaters in their tank. He didn't have a furnace. Did he die of the cold? We gave him fresh sea and food everyday, and we kept his cage verbs. Have you had an experience approaching this? Did he die since he didn't have a kiln We are considering buying another one, do you think we should bring a heater for it?
Answers: Not newly heat, but humidity.

They're from the tropics. And they don't do too economically with drafts and cool rooms/dry warmth rooms. You're right to research it, now. Before getting another one or two. Which you should, by the channel get 2-3 of indistinguishable size, since they are social.
flush him down the toilet and get a foreign one.

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