Can i keep a hamster in a cold room?

i have this one room of the house with poor insulation. it doesn't get as cold as outside but in the worst of winter its around refrigerator cold. will a hamster die if kept in this room? what if i had two hamsters?
is it better to have two males or two females? there's NO WAY i'll keep one of each unless i can shove birth control pills in one of them.
Generally, Hamsters should be kept at nothing colder then 65-68f. Refridgerator temperatures usually are 45-50f, so I wouldn't recommend that room.

And depending on what type of Hamster you're considering, most do ok with a pair of the same sex. Personally, I would opt for two males. Females in most animal species tend to exert a slightly higher amount of territorialness towards each other, especially when the possibilities of offspring is there.

Although, sexing the Hamster is not an easy task. Unless a male is in a stage where his prostate becomes enlarged (Basically seen when he wants to get his groove on/mate.) you'll have a hard time. If you find a long time breeder, you may have a better chance in them being able to sex your Hamsters. As well as going to a Pet Store with a VERY experienced live stock associate. Even after 9+ years in the business, I still have a hard time sexing them. The jist of sexing is you gotta push "here" and watch for "that" to pop out. Then again, right now I can't remember which sex is supposed to have something pop out; sorry! Lol.
No they should be kept inside - it's too cold otherwise no matter how many you have

Honey - I have no problem with comprehension - consider yourself reported chica. It's cruel to keep your pets in a room as cold as fridge - I think YOU have problem..what don't you get about being a responsible pet owner?
No hamsters in the cold. they can handle it for a little,, but no longer than an hour tops.
Please don't keep pets in a refrigerator.even though it's in a room, if it's as cold as a refrigerator then you may as well keep them in one! If you can't care for a pet and be a responsible owner, don't have pets. These are just pets to you but they get cold, get hungry and scared too.treat them like you'd treat your own child!!
I agree with Cookie Nookie on this one. I have seen people try this kind of thing, and it doesn't work out well. If a room is at a temp that you cannot stand without any clothes on, then the hamster should really be in another room. I have seen them die from a room at 95 degrees F, and likewise for a room at around 40 Degrees F (I know some people that really dont take good care of animals)

Anyway, thats about it.
Hamsters should be kept in a room where the temp is between 65 and 70 degrees, with low humidity between 30% to 70% relative humidity.
I don't think that it's a good idea to keep a hamster in a cold room because it can get a cold. Hamsters like guinea p[igs are very vornlable and can die of the cold and heat. You should keep it the same temperature that you're livin in.
My hamster got a bad cold, don't because he might die.

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