Baby turtle hide underneath bask spot- once in a blue moon eat or bask. Thought cistern be too cold but temp. is supreme.?

I have 2 brand modern, baby turtles (one's a map turtle and one's a slider). The slider is other hidden below the basking spot, out of the river. I have have them for about 5 days and enjoy not seen the slider munch through. The map turtle, however, eats constantly. There's other a few pieces of lettuce in in that so I know there's food available for her to eat. The merely way I know the slider is alive is that she's contained by a different spot, hidden, everyday. She's relatively active when I pilfer them out to clean their reservoir. I don't want to stress her out so I try not to bother her too much. Do you think she's worried and thats why she hides? Before she figure out she could go underneath the basking spot, she buried herself down surrounded by the rocks. Do you think she might be hiding from the other turtle? The place i get them from had lots of them surrounded by a tank together so i know she's be around other turtles- and the map turtle does go sleep subsequent to her sometimes. I'm just afraid she might be sick. Any suggestions?
Answers: Sorry 2 hear, I own 2 young sliders myself. It could be any number of factor. If their in impossible to tell apart tank, the slider could be intimidated by the map. I have to seperate my sliders when they were hatchlings because the bigger one would hurry up and put away his meal and next push the smaller one out the way and steal the others. I do know that youthful sliders like meat, over nouns. Crickets , mealworms , and even things like cooked poultry. I individually use Reptomin a bunch. Like 50% of my slider's diet is Reptomin, and they have be growing fine for more than 2 years now. But if he/she still doesn't munch through about a week subsequently, I would take it 2 a vet or turtle specialist where on earth more than likely it will be force nurture. I just just this minute lost a young box turltle from not intake regularly, hope things turn out well, some courteous links below
Take her to the vet pronto; that might be awfully serious.

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