MY little one garter won't devour his pinky Will this work...?

will he eat it if i cut down on his food by plentifully and try feeding it to him again. i enjoy been mixing it w/ his majority food but he is eating is regular food. so should i stop feed him untill he eats it.

PS. i enjoy also tried the tong method,scenting,moving and evrything else within the book.
Answers: First of all, garter snakes DO NOT drink "meal worms, bugs, and things of that nature"!
They put away fish, amphibians, earthworms, and sometimes rodents.
I have gotten numerous garter snakes to drink pinkies. Most of the time, I scent them with earthworms or fish. Some specimens pinch to it more readily than others, and I have have more success next to Garter species from drier habitats.
Depending on the size of your snake, though, a pinky may be too big, if it's a tiny newborn garter.
And some individuals may NEVER help yourself to a pinky.
garters don't eat pinkies. They devour meal worms, bugs, and things of that outlook. Just give up on the pinkies..

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