Baby beard dragons??

i know how to care for beard dragons already and would like to procure one. however, is a 40 gallon tank too big for a little one bearded dragon to find food? if it is too big, should I block it rotten? how can i block it off? gratefulness!
Answers: Didnt you ask this question already ultimate week?

a 40 is perfect, dont block it sour, he/she will catch food and bring back plenty of exercise doing it, they are very speedily. No worries!

There is no such thing as an crate that is too big!
I would save the 40 gallon tank for when its elder. I would buy one of those plastic containers with the locking lid. You could cut out a square from the top and gorrilla glue metal screening. This should work a an birdcage while hes a baby. You will know how to pick the size container you want. This worked for me. You can use this Until he is big enough to fit surrounded by the 40 gallon tank.

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