Anyone own a bubble python? I involve some counsel.?

I have have my bp for about 2 months and I want to transport it to work to show it off. It seem like it have adapted well to the coop I have set up at home(eating okay, not balling up as much as it first was). I don't want to take the opening of stressing it out if it is too early, any opinion?
Answers: Well, for one thing,it merely takes a snake2-3 days to acclimate to its latest surroundings or habitat. While your sleeping at night your snake is checking everything out within its cage, and you can with the sole purpose go around surrounded by circles so many times formerly you realize you've been near before, very well snakes know by the smell, and if your snake is pacing around its coop during the day next its HUNGRY. But depending on the temps outside, i would Not take my snakes outside this time of year, unless you can insure its not going to return with below 75 degrees somewhere you go or appropriate it out. A quick 15-20 amount temperature amendment can put your snake into shock and kill it. I would not verbs about the stress, that's minimal, I own snakes that have have 500 people a afternoon pet them and take pics, but she be handled every daylight as a juvenile, except while in shed, so she is perfect with it, but its not as stressful as general public make out on the animal. They get hold of over stuff in around an hour tops, unless you injure them of course. But snakes do not recall actions, basically smells
I used to own a ball python and we would lift her everywhere! The best thing to do is lately a trial run. Take it to a neighbors and see how the snake reacts. That bearing if it goes scantily you don't have to hang on to it out long and you have a better prospect for success beside fewer populace in the room anyway. If its already used to mortal held you shouldn't have too much of a problem though.

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