Are tortoises and turtles mingy?

Are tortoises and turtles mean? I know some of their species are aggressive and will bite but I be wondering if it is the nature of tortoises/turtles to be aggressive and irritable in standard?
Answers: Turtles and Tortoise's aren't mean, its a moment ago that biting is their only defense, excluding fleeing or tucking in their shell. I hold a 60lb Sulcata ( African spur thigh) and she just loves to own her head scratched, it purely takes a long time for them to gain used to you. I also have a Western Painted turtle to be exact hand feed, but will still bite if you hold your finger in front of her. Its not that she is anticipate but she is used to being paw fed so anytime she See's a appendage she starts looking for food, its routine, and it is MY fault, not her's. I trained her to drink out of my hand, so if i grasp bit, its my fault. But no most turtles are not be determined, they just don't want to be messed next to.
Well my russian tortoise is the sweetest thing contained by the world. So I know russians are nice. My red eared slider turtle that I used to have be mean, but they adjectives have personality so it just depends. But speaking from experience, tortoises are easier to filch care of.

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