What are the pros and cons of owning loner crabs?

and i was wondering how much they cost themselves and adjectives the supplies that they need?
Answers: Pros. Neat to own, fun to watch especially towards evening (they are nocturnal, hello ancestors read up on them, they do a lot at hours of darkness!) they climb, run, play all sorts of things and realitivly cheap/easy to verbs.

I have 4 contained by a 50 gal tank, once a month I own to clean the tank/replace the bedding (substrate and sand mix)But near a smaller tank possibly more often but you also wont be satisfying as much into a 10 gal as a 50 gal so it;s really not alot of $. they need their food changed every 2-3 days (no-one like old food) it's not that much$ and second a while if you only own a few to feed, you can also bring treats for them, and water.

No you don't metamorphosis the shell you just acquire a couple bigger sized ones from a pet store for a few$ not more the 5-6 $ and when they are ready they move into it

if ya really want to know what you will be getting into check out the website below they will provide ya an eye opener

but they are easier consequently my cats, dog, bird , and fish that I have have over the years.. Oh and they only smell if they are sick or motionless or ya don't keep the cistern clean!!
The pros are that it is minor conservation and it doesn't take up much space (including the cistern or bowl). A 5 gallon is big enough for 1 to 3 of them. Food is pretty cheap and you don't requirement to feed them like mad.

The cons are that it is a very boring pet to hold. It's more of a decoration that you put contained by a windowsill than a pet. It's more boring than a fish because it doesn't always move. But if you want one next don't worry almost labor.
i had two when I be little,
they are not alot maitanance
Just put the food in a shell and depart from them with some dampen nd theyare fine

the cons are not too bad
they smell!
Get the right home for them, if you don't they can gain out and it will take forever to find them
You hold to get alien shells as they grow
Pros: Easy to care fore, uncomplicated to clean, obedient decoration, interesting to monitor, easy to nurture, cool patterns, handleable, don't call for much space

Cons: Can smell if you don't clean cistern, replacing shells, will pinch (it hurts), can get boring

If you want ascetic crabs, get a 20 gallon cistern or more so you can add more crabs, possibly even own a colony.
Pro's: They are neat looking and you can hang on to a colony of them if you have the right setup.. They are really spick and span to watch at dark under a black insubstantial as they are most active at hours of darkness..

Con's: They are NOT easy to hold.. They are actually a bit delicate.. Though, if you read up on them and setup correctly they aren't too unpromising...
Here's a good site to read on their thought..

The other con is that as of now, they cannot be bred surrounded by captivity. That means that every single one is capture out of the wild.. Granted, the outsider crab is in no exposure of extinction at this point, but, getting a pet that cannot be reproduced yet within captivity is not the best idea.. It's even better intention to make sure you hold on to them in such a opening where they live for a long time..

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