Good Snake Choice?

Well, i want a snake and have done ALOT of research on them the simply problem is i have a remarkably little 6 year-old in the house (she is amazingly tiny) but i don't really want a corn, ball, or milk/king. I be thinking either a brazilian rainbow boa or a red tailed boa, im in recent times a little conserned in the region of the size... should i be worried of a flash constriction??
Answers: Boas get pretty considerable, and Brazilians can be nippy. Either would be acceptable near good husbandry practices though. I do believe that the boa get large ample to be a threat to a small child. But with an escape proof, lockable hold and you being severely responsible it could work. The question is are you feeling like to take that risk. I own balls, kings, corns, milks, jungle runner pythons, and several pituophis (bulls, pines and gophers). Have you checked out the pituophis? They are large stunning snakes and are a little more stimulating (they sometimes hiss and bluff) than the corns, kings and balls. Also I really love the jungle hearth rug pyhons. Again, I wouldn't trust them around small children though, unsupervised, but they are a medium sized pythons as challenging the giants. There is also a smaller python call a Childrens Python, you might consider. Also with more cities and states ratification ordinances pertaining to exotic pets, you might check that out for your location while making this declaration. Check out for further references to adjectives of these snakes.
Keep herpin'
Not if you keep the snake properly caged and hang on to your kid away from it.
dont get contrictor or posinous.stick to corn dere kwl my friend have dem
Personally I own 2 ball pythons and they enjoy been great pets for me and my children.but as long as your snake is properly caged and your child is supervised consequently you really should not have a problem...also child should be supervised any time he/she is handling the pet.Be sure to practice righteous handwashing and sanitising practices as you and especially the child can get disorder from even the most best kept snakes
if u are concered about size, no boa. I have a red tailed boa for a while but had to take rid of her because she was nearing 8 ft. They are also extremely strong so if for some root it contricts there is a appropriate possibility that u could not get it to release. u should consider a orb python. I know the python part may be imtimidating but they are if truth be told quite docile. If u grasp one when it is young u can bring to the fore it to be kind and friendly. I own had a globe for a while now and it is nearing 5 ft. She is intensely nice and loves to be held.

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