*Ball Python won't get through give support to please!*?

hi well i get my little brother a ball python for christmas and so far he is really ecstatic but this this stubern snake won't eat... we hold had him for roughly speaking...little less after a week and we try feeding him but still no... can anyone help out me get this item to eat? the pet store told us to nurture him these frozen mice and that is what we be trying to feed him but still no luck.. do i entail to get heat up the mouse first or something? help please!
Answers: A snake surrounded by the house? Put him out of his misery.
Keep in mind you simply got it. Let it acclimate to it's hot surroundings for about a week and try again.

You know - deeply of people right to be heard ball pythons produce great beginner snakes. I never right to be heard this. Even though their temperament is fantastic and rarely shows aggression, they can be stubborn eaters recurrently going off their nurture for many months. I have one who went 8 months. Babies cannot walk this long, though. Make sure you provide a hide and hold good temps...:-)
First rotten you need to go the snake alone , it still has not acclimated to his environment, and you shouldn't nurture him for at least 10 days to build sure of that. He is not eating because he is contained by a strange environment, and you keep bothering the poor entry. Also make sure the mouse is defrost before you nurture it to the snake you can do that simply putting it in heat water. After 10 days and you walk to feed him do it at hours of darkness put the mouse on the plate, and leave him alone. Do the snake a favor and find a caresheet on queue so you can take protection of it.

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