Adoption of a Sulcata. Anyone who replied past please read this!?

My boyfriend's neighbors brought home a baby turtle near them a couple years ago with no information on it. (Stupid newbies to the reptile world I know but take on with me.)

Ended up human being a Sulcata Tortoise. A male. I work at the biggest zoo surrounded by the state, and one of the lead keeper says that because it's a mannish it's going to be extremely hard to place him.

Now I'm positive it's a masculine. He is only a few years hoary but quite life-size. His shell is approximately the size of a serving platter. He's 20something pounds.

Does anyone know of any rescue league for sulcata's? The family have grown very attached but does not enjoy the room in their house to house him surrounded by the winter or the proper outdoor space for him. They want to be thoroughly involved with anywhere he is placed. They are pretty responsible with him and hold taken great care of him so far, especially seeing as they have no clue what they were getting into and raise him from legal size.

Any concept?

I live in Rhode Island
Answers: Im sure you can find a rescue for him. I use a forum here contained by yahoo. The Turtle and Tortoise Chapter of San Fernando. But there are MANY more out near. I know of quite a few Sulcata owners beside myself and some hold them as large as an developed all curled up, these guys procure HUUUGE!
Just do some research on rescues for them, Im sure you can find someone that would love him!!
Good Luck!!
I know it is a long distance but Colorado Reptile Humane Society would take it if nobody else.

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