Bearded dragon?

im getting two, year old beard dragons which comes with everything.. lights,calcium,substrate, and even a moving round up. all for $50 is that right? and can i get info... how much crickets do you assume they could eat a daytime, they are both 11 inches.. i wanted to procure everything ready back i buy. Can i get adjectives the facts and how do i make them a beard dragon "salad"?, i would like adjectives the information i could get.
Answers: That's a quibble! A two year old beard dragon alone often starts at $100.
Yes that's an awesome price. Usually the set-up is over $200. Make sure that the reservoir you're getting is at least a 20 long, but they'll involve something like a 40-55 gallon when they attain bigger.

Crickets: You'll know how much they eat a daylight when you get them, but ballpark...10-15 massive a day.

As for making a salad, a short time ago cut up fruits and veggies. They also like to get through baby food.

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