Bearded dragon?

im getting two, year old beard dragons which comes with everything.. lights,calcium,substrate, and even a moving shut within. all for $50 is that suitable? and can i get info... how much crickets do you focus they could eat a hours of daylight, they are both 11 inches.. i wanted to bring back everything ready past i buy. Can i get adjectives the facts and how do i make them a beard dragon "salad"?, i would like adjectives the information i could get.
Answers: where on earth r u getting da dragon!?!?!?! i want 1 too! you should think of what this special creature eat. i say it eat flesh (sometimes) i learned dat a long time ago... explicitly a good deal.. cmon, i tight-fisted, 50 $ 4 all dat! i want 1! plz bring up to date me whr ur getting it! PLZ
As far as the price goes, you're getting a steal. If you purchased a dragon that size at a pet store you'd payment over $100 each.
At that size, you don't call for to feed crickets every daytime. You can give them three to six crickets respectively every other day. You can also nurture them a small pinky every once in a while as a treat. Pinkies hold a lot of nutritional advantage for a dragon, and in the gibbering, they will eat rodents when they capture the oportunity. I give mine a pinky roughly once every two weeks. I also feed my dragon thaw out "fancy mix" veggies from the grocery store. It has peas, lima beans, green beans, and corn surrounded by it. I also finely chop some Romane Lettuce and put it on top of the veggies. They LOVE Romane lettuce, and it's really dutiful for them. Make sure you only use Romane lettuce, though, and NEVER Iceburg. Iceburg lettuce isn't angelic for your dragon.
I don't know what sort of substrate you're getting with your dragons, but you may want to metamorphose it. Sand isn't really safe for your dragons, and ground walnut shell have caused respiratory problems within some dragons. And you should never use cedar bedding for any reptile. I use newspaper for my dragon, but if you have need of something prettier, you can use bird seed. Red millet looks like mad like red sand, and white millet looks approaching white sand. Seed won't hurt your dragons if they accidently ingest any, and the seeds that take wet will sprout, giving your dragons a tastey little treat that they can hunt for themselves.
Good luck beside your new friends, they are really a gaiety to have!
I hold had 2 beard dragons one I had for 6 1/2 years and he passed away. I get another one 4 years ago. For the first year he ate alot. He also grew approx one inch a month for the first year. He could eat up to 50 small crickets a daytime. I bought crickets on line. It be much cheeper then the pet store. You own to maintain the cricket habitat. I put them surrounded by a clear plastic rubbermaid type container. You will need to put papertowel rolls for them to store in, you also a short time ago pick up one of the rolls and shake the crickets into your dragons cage. The best means of access to water your crickets is to put small bowls of hose with sponges surrounded by them. The sponge soaks up the water and they drink from it. They will drown if you newly give them bowls of wet. The better you feed your crickets the better for your dragon. Oatmeal, apples,oranges are great food for them. You can buy cricket food at the pet store explicitly less messy, but is particularly expensive. Crickets habitate will also smell horrible. It's importand to keep it as verbs as possible. Another option for dragons is buffet worms. Much easier to maintain and smaller number expensive since they are bigger and fill them up better. I also would make a contribution mine a pinky ( day mature mouse) once a month or so. They are rich in calcium. Fresh mustard greens are rich surrounded by calcium also and my dragons loved them. You can find them in the produce fragment.
My first dragon I had be Iggy he rode on my shoulder under my mane. I had a harness for him so he would procure hurt if he fell.
You lights are very meaningful you need to replace your reptile street light once a year. An you need to be sure they are thaw enough. If they become letharge they may be cold. Your getting a great price. I sold one beside everything he needed for 125.00. He was 2 years weak and I had spent approx 500.00 on him to that point. Your are getting a a bit large financial commitment alot next to your dragons. If I think of anything else I will agree to you know. They are wonderful creatures and you and they will get outstandingly attached. Good Luck

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