A cat get ahold of our geko and immediately it is bleeding, how do we fix him minus taking him to the vet, can you..

can you take a geko to the vet? We go Christmas shopping last hours of darkness and had someone watching our kids, and this human being has younger kids and get the geko out and the cat got ahold of it! We didnt even know it be out of its tank until this morning because we didnt attain home til late later night. My kids are elder and didnt pay any attention to these younger kids, and have no idea. Thank you contained by advance!
Answers: I've save many lizards and snakes here within Bali. without bringing them to a vet, as i'm probably the closest party you can see as being a reptile vet on this island, i usually, setup, a simple environment beside only one shelter, a terrifically shallow drinking container and mealworms in another container, as for the injuries its best not to cover them, i usually use betadine, alcohol, silver hose, and keep recuperative them everyday, good luck, really depends on how serious the injuries are.
Call around tomorrow and ask around a vet that specializes in exotic pets. They can really help you. I would definately pilfer him in.

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