Are grill pack dicey for reptile shipping?

My baby alligator died contained by the mail yesterday after self shipped in a box near heat pack.
Answers: If used properly, there is no difficulty using a heat pack. I routinely use them for shipping when temps are going to be low. That said near are several things that must be done to ensure that the animal isn't injured or killed by one. First, the pack must be activate and left out of the box for at most minuscule 30 minutes before placing it contained by the shipping container. The activation of the chemicals uses up all the existing nouns in the box if this is not done. Two: the warmness pack should be secured by the edges (not covering the heat holes) by a strong cassette to keep it from falling or coming directly into contact near the animal. They can get comparatively hot.
I am not shipping anything right now as it's too cold surrounded by most parts of the country for me to feel comfortable sending anything. How be this animal shipped? It should have be shipped next morning overnight thru Fed Ex, DHL or UPS. The postal service will not ship reptiles of any kind and it is forbidden to do so. Fed Ex is the only one that will ship snakes if you are certified. The others will ship lizards and turtles. Not faultless on crocodilians. If there are too abundant heat pack, it might have be too warm. Hard to believe, but possible. I would transport it up with the shipper. Most reptile suppliers and breeders will guarantee live shipment as long as you are near to accept transference.
It really depends on how they are used, and the temperatures outside. It is possible for the inside of the box to overheat, although they usually don't capture hot enough to do any defacement. Usually they are wrapped in rag and taped to the inside of the top piece of styrofoam and should not in actual fact touch the animal. Hopefully you've already contacted the dealer to ask almost a replacement.

And it was U.S. messages? Most dealers ship overnight by Fed Ex, as capably as UPS and DHL. I've shipped small lizards and frogs by U.S. mail beside no problems, even though some people don't trust the letters. And I'm sure some people who are reading this are wondering nearly the legal aspects involved next to shipping gators by mail. The U.S. Postal Service reasonably ships alligators and other crocodilians up to 21 inches in length. What puzzles me is that they'll ship small crocodilians, but they won't ship snakes and turtles. Go integer!
It depends on whose handling the packages, too. Unless a necropsy was done you hold no way of knowing if it be the heat pack, the packaging person too tight, not enough nouns, or how the package be treated.

I'm sorry for the loss, but I'm sorrier for the way the animal have to go...:-( This is why I won't ship.
I enjoy recieved two ball pythons as okay as a dwarf caiman through the mail surrounded by the middle of winter, and all of my animals arrived respectable. You run risks moving animals no matter how you do it, so don't perceive bad in the order of having an animal shipped to you. Shipping contained by cold weather isn't without its risks, and shipping during the holiday season is probably not the best concept.
As for how it died, I don't know how cold of a climate you live in or what the gator come from, but if there be high out side temps anywhere along the route, it may own caused your gator to die. Heat pack are generaly perfectly risk-free, and crucial to the survival of a lot of reptiles while mortal shipped. Don't be afraid to try it again. Unless the shipper was in recent times completely incompetant, then this be a fluke and chances are your subsequent one will arrive perfectly fine.

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