Frog name?

Does anyone have any virtuous names for my frog? hes green near a tan stomach, chin, and foot.
Answers: I always resembling Kermit
Vasilisa is a good dub
you should name him prince
todey or ven
Well I own a frog that looks axactly like that name Walt. I like it, lead to its orignal
Prince Charming..
Kermit or Freddy
Give him a mythical name... NEPTUNE .. *smile*
Turtle (because of his coloring) or Rana (I focus that's part of his Latin name).
My 3 year out-of-date calls his stuffed frog Froggum, and I'm sure he will not mind sharing the signature with you.
How around Arthur. It will be really funny or Raymond or Chester or Frank or Jim or Bob or Wayne or Gavin or william or nathaniel or tony or marco or Harold or alexander I think you should designation him a funny name i.e. unusual for pets, I mean he is a frog and frogs are ADORABLE! Good luck contained by life
lulu, babalo, pile, lenny, doodle, lucky, jinks, kole, pappy, jeapy, sully, dally, docks, whoppy, willy, quip, nile, ribbert. don't ask me how i come up with thesse. in recent times thinking of some cool sounding names.
Mortimer be the name of my 1st turtle. My dad name him for me.

Not many reptiles name Mortimer now-a-days.

It's unique!

Could be a biddable frog name.

The Ol' Sasquatch "U
Verdiboy or
How going on for..
bob short simple love it be happy

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