African clawed frog give support to!?

iv just bought 2 clawed frogs and iv notice that one of them has a lump on the right appendage side of its belly is this sumthing i should be worried about?
Answers: They enjoy a bad way of trying to eat everything. My guess is that it's probably aquarium gravel.
I doubt you'll know how to find a vet that does surgeries on frogs.
If you have gravel within your tank small ample for the frog to swallow, I would replace it with bigger heavier pieces approaching river rock..
My african clawed frog had equal thing and that be the answer I got when I call around.. It eventually was merely gone. Though, I don't know whether it passed it or just regurgitated it. Because of the bearing they tend to eat anything they can stick surrounded by their mouth, I would assume they must have some loving of natural road of getting rid of it through regurgitating or not many would survive surrounded by the wild.. Though, I own not been competent to find any info on that..
I'm just guessing, but this could be food close to a large insect he have eaten, see if he pass it in the subsequent few days.

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