Where can i receive free iguanas?

Answers: chek the newspaper
the blustery
or..someone who's giving away free iguanas
otherwise i don't think you can achieve free iguanas
Look in the tabloid. A lot of people find that they aren't up to the errand of keeping an iguana and are willing to impart them away. Also check out the pet shelter. There are some adoption fees involved, BUT:

1. Most are adults already, which are much less transparent than juveniles.
2. It's usually cheaper than the pet store.
3. They will be so thankful!
4. A lot of shelters hold all of their pets mandatorily given their shots. Not sure if they do this for reptiles, but this would be a huge money depositor.
5. The world will have one smaller quantity dead-before-its-time iguana, and that's always moral!

Before you get one, though, put together sure you're up to the task of keeping it.

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