Alot of you guys enjoy iguanas so how big of a hold do you obligation?

I have a 75 gallon that I plan to use for fish its huge and big, but I noticed its too small for an mature iguana as they are longer than 5 feet. I hold found good looking mitt made cages close to cages by design, within fact someone have one for sell within the paper right in a minute for 1800 dollars, but where did you buy your coop , can you use a ferret cage? one of the three rank wire cage?
don't worry I don't want an iguana, explicitly a lizard I find to belong to expert keepers just due to the adult size.
Answers: The minimum size for a full-grown iguana should allow for 6'T x 6'L x 3'D. I built my first one. The one my big boy is within now is a Cages by Design that be donated to the rescue. Once the "Psycho Sisters" had found a hot home - my male become the occupant. It's 6' x 8' x 4'. That size coop runs about $4K in this day and age. $1800 is an absolute steal!

An iguana should not enjoy a ferret cage. These are too difficult to maintain the heat and humidity regulated - more so the humidity.

evanescence is right...CBDs are unambiguously a "wow" thing. You could spend a fraction of that $18K and still enjoy a really nice homemade enclosure. The CBD does no better than any other powerfully designed homemade job...:-)

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