About the snake if the tail of the snake can grow rear again?

Then will they survive just intake their own tale and hang around until it grows back again?
Answers: SNAKES TAILS DO NOT BREAK OFF! If that be the case afterwards every poisonous snake wrangler in the world would be limp. Almost every program you see on T.V. shows you people catching snakes by their tail. And after raising them as long as i enjoy i can DEFINITLY say they do not break rotten, they can support the weight of the animal, no problem, and if it be eaten bad the the snake would probably die from the stress and blood loss, unless it was resembling the very tip, later they may survive. And your snake would not eat its own tail, not unless it have severe neurological problems and is ready to die anyway. And even after it does not have the mouth pressure or proper teeth to bite off its own tail. How do you come up near this stuff?..

and even if they were resembling geckos and could regrow their tails, feed off them wont be ample nutrition to regrow it even once.
it takes a ton of punch to regenerate lost body parts.
i don't think they do..they're rebirth isn't as deveolep as lizards

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