Baby red eared sliders chomp through minnows?

I have 2 red eared little one sliders and they are about 4 inches from go before to tail. We went to petco and get them some rosy red minnows to eat and see how they resembling them and they havent even touched they yet. It appears that they dont even awareness them. Is there something wrong beside my turtles. I have a mannish and a female i dont know if that help. Thanks
Answers: They are carnivores, but some have different oppinions on food. Try worms, possibly other minnow breeds, and other small fish and baitfish.
Nothing is wrong beside your turtles. Keep in mind that your sliders be most likely caught contained by the wild when they only hatched and sold surrounded by a pet store. They are not been contained by the wild and are impossible to eating live foods so that is to say most likely the defence why they are ignoring the minnows. If the minnows are surrounded by the tank for a while, they'll die anyways and your turtles will probably guzzle it. Also, if your turtles are not afraid of you and you want to speed up the process, you can try to hold a minnow in the heavens and let them guzzle it so they can acquire a taste for live foods. After that, they should figure out that the minnows are food and go after them on their own. Also, as a side foods are good as they provide things that dried foods do not. But, live foods are fatty and may basis problems for your turtles health so don't nurture them too much :)

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