About how much would a chameleon and everything needed to move about near it cost me?

Answers: Chameleons aren't the best pets.
They are very fragile and drop limp at the slightest shock.
Their skin is too fragile for handling. They are a "look only" pet. Like fish.

They require PERFECT living conditions at all times.
Perfect boil, humidity, diet, UV light level and everything else.

To answer you're question: Expect to recompense around $250-$300 for all foreign stuff.
If you want second hand equipment, it'll be cheaper.

Find someone looking to "re-home" theirs. You can usually attain the entire set up inexpensively.

Good luck.
I must disagree with the ultimate answer. Some chameleon can be handled and more hardy ones approaching veiled/yemen chameleons are less feasible to "drop dead at the slightest shock"
from my experience, you are looking at paying lb300-lb400 ($600-$800)

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