alright.. this is perfect.. i found this on ebay.. please no 1 buy!! lol.. its great it comes beside a 30 gallon tank witch i can use for in a minute cause my red tail is solely 24 inches right now... and later when it gets elder.. what do you guys think almost this!! Click this link
Answers: Nice!! If I have the $$ I would buy it right out from under you...;-)

It doesn't look similar to it has a locking door - so bring in sure you can figure how to receive a good one on in attendance since it would be on glass. I bet a cup shop will be able to serve you with that. Or even a super bonding agent that you can bond right to the chalice for a locking mechanism. Snakes are escape artists and you sure wouldn't want it figure out it can...:-)
I think that would be devout. It looks like it would be big plenty.
Good Luck!

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