Baby Leo Gecko Not Exploring Home?

Okay I just get my first reptile. She is a Leopard Gecko morph and the breeder said that she was born on the 17 of October. So she is still fundamentally young and with the sole purpose weighs 14 grams. Anyway, my friend also get a leo as well, however hers explores its surroundings and plays within its tank. Mine however hide 24-7. The only time she ever comes out is conceivably for 5, 10 mins top at some point during the night. I know she is a babe and I've only have her about a week, however I'm afraid she is individual to reclussive and antisocial. I've gotten her out and she will let me pick her up and she will get through food(when she is hungry) when I offer it. I'm sure I'm simply making something out of nothing, but I don't want to closing stages up with a gecko that doesn't do anything exciting. I indicate thats half the point of have one, is watching them thrive in their environment. Anyway, my put somebody through the mill is, basically, do you deliberate she will "come out of her shell" as she matures and become an adult. Thank you for your time!
Answers: no its fine trust me thats how they are especially when they are babies in recent times getting acclaimed to their new home. progress easy on it for awhile, dont pick it up that much and agree to it get used to its tentative home. also check the temperature it should be 75 on the cool side and 91 on the hot
You know they are nocturnal? And if you sleep through the hours of darkness chances are you won't see it. And at this time of the year some reptiles walk into winter slow down / brumation which is like a mini hibernation.

To answer your question, Yes I think after the winter length and after she has be in her unsullied home a while she will come out of her shell and become more active.
They are nocturnal, so they easily hide and sleep during the light of day and are active at darkness. A week is a very short time for her to grasp used to her new home. Let her hold time to settle in and get through well since handling much. They are not very exciting reptiles--they do tend to lay around most of the time.

Do sort sure your setup is correct--UTH pad, correct temps., 3 hide (1 moist), calcium dish, NO sand or loose substrate, etc.
my 1st leopard gecko was similar to that but older and u no wats wierd me and my friend go 2 a reptile show and bought are geckos on the same sunshine and his gecko was close to ur friends gecko and she still is. dont worry in attendance nocturtnul and my older gecko is still similar to urs and ive had him for 5 months and hes doing fine. dont verbs

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