Bearded dragon toe problems?

One of my baby beard dragons toes is all bent... helpful of curved into almost a circle. Is this normal? He does not take action when i touch it, and when he walks, he looks fine... It's purely - curvy. Any ideas...?
Answers: Maybe cartridge it to another toe so that as he grow it will strighten out?
I stand corrected. If it was this mode when you got it, it could be a birth malfunction (for lack of a better word) If not, it's probably broke. Truth be told, there's not much that can be done if it is.
Taping it could mete out circulatory problems resulting in loss of toes. Taping or amputation is in the order of all a vet could do if it is broke. If it's not bothering it after it should be alright just to move off it be.

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