Baby adjectives snapping turtle?

okay he has roughly speaking a 2 inch shell length and i gave him a fuzzy something like 2 days ago which is a pretty big meal but he wont drink.. he lives in a 10 gallon aqaurium and i don't enjoy a basking neutral but i do have a uvb, and a bask dock, it is also planted with alot of veggetation next to a good filter, he have live creatures in their a minnow and in the region of 5-6 ghost shrimp, is it ok if he snacks on the shrimp make happen he does, he has riverbed stones bigger afterwards his head to impart his tank a more automatic apearance. When should i move him into his 20 gallon i was thinking within the summer. his diet includes pinkies (which he has no problem eating), roaches, worms, crickets (gutloaded), shrimp, minnows, a goldfish once contained by a while, and fuzzies, am i doing eveyrthing correct.
Answers: Sounds like you enjoy everything covered, with the possible exception of keeping him thaw enough.

All sounds apposite, though. I wish you better luck beside yours than I had raise mine several years ago.
cook it for dinner, guess the turtle will make a right xmas dish

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