Bearded Dragon Behaviours?

I just get a bearded dragon 2 days ago, she is 1 and a partly years old.
I do not know her commonplace behaviours, so I have a few question.
When she sleeps, there is no detectable sign of her breathing, her stomach does not move in and out approaching when she's awake, is that normal?
She seem pretty lazy, how much do beard dragons move, she just usually sits surrounded by the basking spot, later gradually sometimes over to her food bowl, and by the stop of the day, she is at her sleeping spot, and when i tolerate her out of her cage, and put her on the floor, she doesnt really move, only just looks around. should she be more active?
and i would close to to know if bearded dragons are usually more slow during winter, because she's definetly not brumating.
Answers: You definetly got to examine out for the sudden changes surrounded by the weather temps. Between day and darkness cycles because it affects them, especially during the winter season. As long as she is eating here and here she should be fine. They usually like to fatten them selves up, but my manly is lethargic during this winter season I can't see signs of breathing and is usually sleeping year and night and simply eats wax worms also eat eavery other week, but both my male amnd feminine are still the same freight. The female weigh more than the male incentive she still manages to stir up after 3 days or so its their first brumation together.
Visit a vet if any of this continues for more than a month, but this is pretty normal. Maybe she only just needs more stimulation, variety sure you play with her every once surrounded by a while!

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